Monday, October 5, 2015


Everyone/anyone who is truly one of my best friends knows that my heart’s desire is a lunch date with Bill Murray.

So when I learned that Bill Murray would be one of the judges for the competition, I began scratching my head to come up with a joke. In my heart, I knew Bill Murray would think my joke was the best joke ever and would contact me personally to invite me to celebrate by having lunch with him.

Alas, I am known in my family as the mother with no sense of humor. So it was hard to think up anything funny.

Later in the day I was in the company of an individual I will eventually describe, and it occurred to me that he was the inspiration for the joke I needed. So here’s my joke:

Why did the sailing coach wear a green sock on his right foot and a red sock on his left foot?

Because he was colorblind.

Stay tuned. You’ll want to read about the antennas.

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