Friday, December 30, 2011

I Take It All Back

She is NOT a heartless, remorseless girl, she is a beautiful teen-ager with admirable manners, and great writing skills.

When I picked up my mail, I thought it was another Christmas card, it was the right shape, but it was instead a lovely thank-you for the red and yellow (gold) ankewarmers. Besides thank-you, she also wrote that the anklewrmers would be very welcome for walks from campus building to building.

That girl was showing her true colors! I do not receive, nor do I expect, a thank-you from someone whom I have talked to, but sometimes my anklewaremers travel to other homes, and I have received many thank-yous from people I have never met, or perhaps seldom see.

Stay warm.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Showing my Mean Side

If I can't find a bakery that makes salt-rising bread, at least I'm getting a lot of amusement out of my efforts.

Recently, I went to Dean and Deluca's for the first time. I've never seen so many speciality foods in one place. I went looking for chestnut puree, but also discovered they have a bakery that SPECIALIZES in s]SPECIALTY breads.

I can always tell in advance, by the facial expressons, what the answer is going to be. When I asked my question at Dean and Deluca, I've never seen such a BLANK expression. I've seen blank before, but not this kind of blank. Then there was a flicker of something else: Is this some kind of crazy persons I'm dealing with, I'm glad there is a big high counter between her and me, because she must be crazy.

Alas, no salt-rising bread here, either. Not only do the bakers not bake salt-rising bread, they've never heard of it. Their loss.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reporting a Theft !

I want to report the theft of a pair of anklewarmers.

The granddaughter of some friends of mine stole (yes, STOLE, as in "to steal") her father's ankle warmers.

Well, that was the first report. Upon the receipt of more information, it appears that the anklewarmers she stole were pink, which was NOT the color her father had chosen for himself. It's true, he also chose a pair of pink anklewarmers, which were intended for his wife.

But the theft still stands. This heartless girl stole her MOTHER'S anklewarmers. And now, she's not even remorseful -- she wants another pair in her school colors. I don't want to single out this thief by telling you her name, but the colors where she goes to college are red and yellow. Any guesses where that might be?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reminder to One's-self

Reminder to one's-self: When you take a potluck dish for a Christmas party that is hosted at a fire station, don't prepare your contribution to the dinner in a favorite bowl or platter that you have to take home. Put your food in a throw-away container that you can leave behind because the firemen, who have been the hosts, can soon finish the left-overs after you've gone home.

My ankle warmers were warmly received by the smart, intelligent, clever, forward-thinking, astute members of the group. The other thick-headed, idiot dolts, who claim they are so warm-blooded that they don't need anyhing as sissy as a pair of ankle warmers, well, it's your tough luck. Don't come to us for sympathy when it's 41 degrees below!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Like Sweaters for Your Ankles

How can I describe ankle warmers? They're not like the leg warmers that ballet dancers wear, or those legging things that are wrapped around race horses' ankles.

I've got it -- ankle warmers are like sweaters for your ankles.