Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've actually sold some ankle warmers!

Made some money.

As a fund-raiser for the Kansas Authors Club District Two convention on October 1-3, 2010 in Lawrence.

Speaking of Lawrence, my ankle warmers are for sale TODAY (November 15) at an arts fair at a community center at Eleventh and Massachusetts. Also a fund-raiser for the convention next year.

Looking over the ankle warmers that are left in my basket, I have to conclude that orange is practically no one's favorite color. I thought they would be ideal for any hunter to wear as very visible boot toppers. (I had no idea that one skein of orange yarn would make so many sets of ankle warmers.) I've got to get busy and make some K-State purples, some KU blues and reds, and . . . what are the team colors at Pittsburg State? Do Gorillas wear ankle warmers?

In case you couldn't guess, Baker's color are black and ORANGE. Yeah, Baker.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Be prepared to run if you see me coming. I've been knitting and writing all year, and I've got a new supply of ankle warmers, or boot toppers.

I know you don't want to hurt my feelings by telling me, "No, thanks, but I don't really need a pair of hand-knit ankle warmers" -- but if you refuse my offer, and later come down with a sniffling, wheezing, my-head-feels-like-a-rotten-squash cold, I will try to hide my i-told-you-so look for your refusal to take my advice about keeping your extremities warm at all times.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wool might be warmer, but it is more demanding. Wool does not like to be washed in warm or hot water. Wool should always be washed in cold water. And wool garments should never be put in the dryer, unless there are special instructions.

Some of the ankle warmers/boot toppers are knit from wool yarn. I'm trying to figure out an easy way to mark the ankle warmers/boot toppers that are made of wool.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


The muse did it. The writer's muse. You know how you get to thinking about one thing while you're doing another. The last few days I've been deep into thoughts about my current WIP, my cozy Leavenworth mystery, "It's Scary, Going Back Home," ( and just kept knitting . . . and knitting . . . and knitting . . . and . . .

Those ankle warmers are almost leg warmers. Not to worry, there will be some long-legged person who will think long ankle warmers are the cat's meow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Early Start on Winter

I'm getting an early start on winter. Found a bag of stash in the closet, and I'm now working on a pair of blue wool ankle warmers. I think I've still got a bag of ankle warmers in the car, so if you encounter me at the postoffice or farmer's market, and you're feeling a spring chill, I can take care of you.

Most of my ankle warmers are made of synthetic threads, acrylics, but a few pairs are knit with wool yarn. Wool demands special care in washing, so if you'd rather not bother, stick with a synthetic thread. Some folks are allergic to wool, but if you are, you probably already know it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knitting as Fast as I Can

I'm knitting as fast as I can, and can hardly keep up. The warmers in "Aspen Print," a muted camouflage, are more popular than I would have imagined. I'm getting better about sewing up the finished knitted warmers.

I like the knitting, because my fingers go on automatic pilot and my brain is spinning up another chapter in my current book project. Knitting is fun, sewing is tedious.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's All in the Name

It's all in the name. Next season, I'm going to offer "boot toppers" to my writing friends. Men get cold ankles, too, but they are loathe to don anything so sissy-sounding as ankle warmers.

Gotta educate those guys.