Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Yarn ?

Today I traded in a credit, almost a year old, for two balls of black yarn. I settled for black because I couldn't find the colors I really wanted. Got a project in mind, and it's not a pair of ankle warmers, and it will take a lot more than two balls of yarn.

It's a big project -- might take me all winter. My dear aunt, GZD, once gave me a set of instructions for knitting a sweater, and said, "This is the only sweater pattern you'll ever need." She herself made many sweaters, including two for me, from that pattern.

I have used the same instructions to make a button-down-the-front sweater for Aunt Mary, one for Aileen, and one for Ada Mae. The one for Ada Mae was the hardest because the yarn was so delicate and light it was hard to keep it in place to work with. I don't plan to ever use that kind of yarn again. But the sweater was beautiful.

So . . . I need to find the pattern instructions . . . and the rest of the colors for the result I have in mind.

I will be looking for a specialty yarn to incorporate into the project. I have seen the colors I want during previous visits to other yarn shops, but of course, now that I really want those colors, they are impossible to find.

Until I find the perfect yarn, and the instructions, it's back to ankle warmers.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I'm no longer the walker that once I was, so I declined the invitation to walk in the Maple Leaf Parade in Carthage, MO, today. Instead, I offered to take pictures.

And probably walked an equal distance just getting into position to take pictures of the group, a total of five walkers.

First thing was finding the group's position in the parade line-up. I parked a few blocks east of the courthouse square, and finally found them on the west side of the courthouse square. Shivering in their jackets, their red tee-shirts hidden from view. Told them I would see them somewhere along the parade route.

Not surprised that I wasn't able to park within two blocks of the route. Had to walk uphill, consoled myself that it would be down hill coming back to the car. I had calculated that I wanted to be on the east side of the street, with the sun at my back. Didn't like the back ground at that intersection, so I moved a block to the north. I had been told that the crowd would be very evenly dispersed along most of the route, found that to be true. Stopped across from two lovely, stately old homes.

I knew their number, and tried to keep track, but very few parade units had their number in a visible spot. An older gentleman booted me out of my first chosen spot. I moved a few feet away to stake out another place. Sat down on the curb, partly to give my leg a rest and partly to make it more difficult to ask me to move.

The third parade unit was a mounted troup, followed by a vehicle with a small trailer accompanied by two walkers equipped with shovels and scoops. Yep, the horses did what horses do. Amusing, however, that the pooper-scooper vehicle was none other than the candidate for re-election as sheriff, who is currently involved in a very smelly argument, with accusations being tossed about every week.

My group finally arrived -- number 78. Took a few shots from the curb, stumbled to my feet, tried to follow them, but they were moving too fast. So I trudged back to my car and wondered if I could manage to intercept them again near the finish.

Parked this time within one block of the marching route, within two blocks of the finish. This time I remained on my feet. The parade having made a ninety-degree turn, I was now on the south of the street, the sun still nicely behind my back. Got better pictures this time.

Walked with the group another block or so (uphill). At the finish line I declared I must have completed the walk with them, because here I was at the end. Had a few problems with the camera, but the experience was good, and I seriously considered buying myself a camera later in the day.

Monday, October 10, 2011

In Search of Pirandello

I’m posting this here, because it doesn’t seem to fit into my other blog, http://www.kansasplains.blogspot.com/ , but it doesn’t really fit into a knitting blog, either.

In my teens, when I first timidly thought about wanting to be a writer, I encountered a reference to something called Six Characters In Search of an Author.

Somehow, I was encouraged. Somewhere out there were characters in search of an author. If only these characters would find me, I would be an author.

That didn’t happen right away. Through the years the phrase would rarely come to my attention again, and I would be intrigued, but I did not pursue it any further.

Until Chicago.

In the Chicago Tribune I learned that an acting company would be performing the play, Six Characters in Search of an Author, on a certain Sunday afternoon.

I found the venue, deserted, shabby, untidy. Why didn’t I turn back? Alone, I found the elevator. Got out on the designated floor. Had I not found a hand-lettered sign announcing the performance I surely would have abandoned the premises. I advanced to the rear of the floor to find a rough set of empty wooden bleachers which faced an empty stage. It was a perfect introduction to what was to follow.

Shortly, another confused individual came through the doorway from the elevators and took a seat on the bleachers, not too close to be uncomfortable, but near enough to occasionally engage in conversation.

“When does it start?” he asked.

“I have no idea.”

A couple of people walked onto the stage from the wings and began trying to bring some kind of order to an odd conglomeration of furniture on the stage.

Suddenly, from the left, appeared another man, who called to the people on the stage, in an apparent discussion of what they were trying to do. He carried an armload of garments; one might suppose he was bringing costumes.

Clearly, although the clock had reached the time when the play was supposed to begin, the actors were scarcely prepared.

Thus began Six Characters in Search of an Audience. Luigi Pirandello’s masterpiece.

And I’m still struggling to become a writer, still looking for characters who are looking for me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finished One, Started Another

I did the finishing work on a shawl (I love to knit, but hate the final sewing up that is sometimes required), and started a new work, which I am calling as a working title, "Son of a Pig-Thief."

Had about 500 words, and realized that I already had TWO flash-backs, each in a slightly different time frame ! Some critics advise that a writer should not use a flash-back until the sixth page -- or some magical number.

One thing I have done in advance is make a list of the characters, and given them all names (had to use the phone book and the atlas for that task). Also wrote a one-page description, not a synopsis, because it does not include the ending, but pretty well sets the scene. I'm ready to talk to Bill Murray about starring in the film version.