Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Re-Claiming my Blog

Surprised I even got back to my blog. Strange, how life intervenes, interrupts, keeps one from pursuing one's goals.

Or maybe one's goals change.

For the last fourteen or so months, my goal has been to survive the letter I received from the City of Olathe that my house, being in a flood plain (so says FEMA) was on a potential buy-out list. What the *&^#@(@&*^ does that mean? Anything from the possibility of a 30-day eviction notice to absolutely nothing happening for years because the city does not have (cannot get) the necessary money for a project.

Couple of weeks ago the city finally had a public meeting, which I was not able to attend, but I spoke with the project engineer the next week. Learned that my house, as well as four others on South Grant, are in Phase II, for which there will be no money until 2019-2020!

And after the entire project is eventually completed, four of the five houses, mine included, will be removed from the floor plain. In the meantime, anyone with a mortgage will have been paying required floor insurance. At least that's an expense I was spared.

Have I remembered enough of the HTML to insert paragraph dividers? We'll soon know.

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