Thursday, October 8, 2015


Okay, so I’m talking to myself . . . since Bill Murray is the Honorary Advisor for Pontifical Comedy, he surely will be reading some of the jokes, maybe he will read mine, decide it’s a winner, and call me, and we’ll have lunch. You think so?

To borrow a line from all of the professional comedians who are trying to win a laugh from the pope: So here’s my joke:

Where did the two antennas go on their honeymoon?

They went on a DXpedition.

Does that one need a little explanation? Radio hams — who are the biggest users of antennas — are constantly searching for that elusive radio contact. A DXpedition is when a group of hams set up their antennas and radios in some really remote part of the world, and give their stay-at-home buddies a chance to add to their list of hard-to-reach (impossible) places. For example, Navassa Island, Banaba Island, St. Paul Island, north of Nova Scotia, Scarborough Reef . . .

My joke had all the amateur radio hams chortling.

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