Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Buy That Book

I saved a little money. How? I reached such a high level of dissatisfaction about a problem with my blog I went to Amazon and looked up if there are any books that will explain Blogger. Appears there might be a couple that might be helpful. Yesterday I was on the verge of ordering at least one of the books. Today it has become apparent to me online that there is a whole new way of doing things on Blogger. Any book printed prior to this date would only be explaining the OLD way of blogging with Blogger. The book explaining the NEW blogger has yet to be published, perhaps has yet to be written. By the time a book explaining the NEW Blogger is available, I'll probably be grazing in a different pasture and not even want it anymore. So there.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Knitting, More Writing

Sometimes I get more knitting done, sometimes it's more writing. Knitting and writing. I've tried other combinations. Painting and writing doesn't work -- I have to think about what I'm painting, which keeps me from thinking about what I want to write. Housecleaning is no good, either. I'm thinking about should I pick up the clutter in the living room or focus on the hallway instead of should my heroine fall in love with the cowboy or the sailor.

Eating and thinking about writing is a workable combination, but then you just can't keep eating all day -- or shouldn't.