Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I know a guy who always wears a green sock on his right foot and a red sock on his left foot. We both belong to a seniors’ club, and I often find some reason to call attention to his mis-matched socks. Last time we were in line waiting to pay our lunch tab (No, it wasn’t a lunch with Bill Murray), and I began to chide him for his careless manner of dressing.

He loves my comments, gave him a chance to explain to a (captive) audience of diners at two tables how he used to be a sailing judge. People could never remember his name, but they could always remember the guy who had a green sock on his right foot, a red sock . . . .

There are several punch lines that could be used. I chose: He was colorblind. Another might be: He had to dress in the dark. Successfully submitted it to jokewiththepope.org.

Next I went on line to study a bit more on how to send the Pope a joke he would enjoy, and I found Bill Murray, telling an antenna joke: There were two antennas (I think Bill Murray actually said antennae, but what do I know about latin?) who met on the roof and decided to get married.

The service wasn’t that great, but the reception was fabulous.

Back to head scratching. Could I come up with an antenna joke?

Stay tuned.

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