Saturday, December 24, 2011

Showing my Mean Side

If I can't find a bakery that makes salt-rising bread, at least I'm getting a lot of amusement out of my efforts.

Recently, I went to Dean and Deluca's for the first time. I've never seen so many speciality foods in one place. I went looking for chestnut puree, but also discovered they have a bakery that SPECIALIZES in s]SPECIALTY breads.

I can always tell in advance, by the facial expressons, what the answer is going to be. When I asked my question at Dean and Deluca, I've never seen such a BLANK expression. I've seen blank before, but not this kind of blank. Then there was a flicker of something else: Is this some kind of crazy persons I'm dealing with, I'm glad there is a big high counter between her and me, because she must be crazy.

Alas, no salt-rising bread here, either. Not only do the bakers not bake salt-rising bread, they've never heard of it. Their loss.

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