Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reminder to One's-self

Reminder to one's-self: When you take a potluck dish for a Christmas party that is hosted at a fire station, don't prepare your contribution to the dinner in a favorite bowl or platter that you have to take home. Put your food in a throw-away container that you can leave behind because the firemen, who have been the hosts, can soon finish the left-overs after you've gone home.

My ankle warmers were warmly received by the smart, intelligent, clever, forward-thinking, astute members of the group. The other thick-headed, idiot dolts, who claim they are so warm-blooded that they don't need anyhing as sissy as a pair of ankle warmers, well, it's your tough luck. Don't come to us for sympathy when it's 41 degrees below!

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