Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reporting a Theft !

I want to report the theft of a pair of anklewarmers.

The granddaughter of some friends of mine stole (yes, STOLE, as in "to steal") her father's ankle warmers.

Well, that was the first report. Upon the receipt of more information, it appears that the anklewarmers she stole were pink, which was NOT the color her father had chosen for himself. It's true, he also chose a pair of pink anklewarmers, which were intended for his wife.

But the theft still stands. This heartless girl stole her MOTHER'S anklewarmers. And now, she's not even remorseful -- she wants another pair in her school colors. I don't want to single out this thief by telling you her name, but the colors where she goes to college are red and yellow. Any guesses where that might be?

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