Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Yarn ?

Today I traded in a credit, almost a year old, for two balls of black yarn. I settled for black because I couldn't find the colors I really wanted. Got a project in mind, and it's not a pair of ankle warmers, and it will take a lot more than two balls of yarn.

It's a big project -- might take me all winter. My dear aunt, GZD, once gave me a set of instructions for knitting a sweater, and said, "This is the only sweater pattern you'll ever need." She herself made many sweaters, including two for me, from that pattern.

I have used the same instructions to make a button-down-the-front sweater for Aunt Mary, one for Aileen, and one for Ada Mae. The one for Ada Mae was the hardest because the yarn was so delicate and light it was hard to keep it in place to work with. I don't plan to ever use that kind of yarn again. But the sweater was beautiful.

So . . . I need to find the pattern instructions . . . and the rest of the colors for the result I have in mind.

I will be looking for a specialty yarn to incorporate into the project. I have seen the colors I want during previous visits to other yarn shops, but of course, now that I really want those colors, they are impossible to find.

Until I find the perfect yarn, and the instructions, it's back to ankle warmers.

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