Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finished One, Started Another

I did the finishing work on a shawl (I love to knit, but hate the final sewing up that is sometimes required), and started a new work, which I am calling as a working title, "Son of a Pig-Thief."

Had about 500 words, and realized that I already had TWO flash-backs, each in a slightly different time frame ! Some critics advise that a writer should not use a flash-back until the sixth page -- or some magical number.

One thing I have done in advance is make a list of the characters, and given them all names (had to use the phone book and the atlas for that task). Also wrote a one-page description, not a synopsis, because it does not include the ending, but pretty well sets the scene. I'm ready to talk to Bill Murray about starring in the film version.

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