Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We made a quick run to Ottawa this afternoon, took the opportunity to stop at the Keim Bakery on South Main for a treat.

At most bakeries it's hard to find something tasty that isn't drenched in heavy, sugary frosting. I have a mean trick I like to play at bakeries -- I ask the clerk, as if I am asking for the most ordinary, everyday thing, if they have salt-rising bread. Most frequently, the answer is a puzzled expression.

Today the young clerk looked very thoughtful, and replied in the negative, but went on to say that someone had come in the previous week with the same question.

It all led to a conversation with two bakers, who said they had heard of salt-rising bread but had never made it. I remarked that salt-rising bread has a distinctive odor, and one of the bakers returned that he had worked with several sour-dough formulas, all of which had a noticable smell.

I promised to come back if they would make salt-rising bread, so now I'm going to have to keep an eye on the Keim Bakery -- I hope they have a website. I'd be delighted to make good on my promise.

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