Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some people LOVE ankle warmers.

About ankle warmers, there are only TWO points of view.

I take a perverse pleasure in observing how some people respond to the offer of a pair of ankle warmers. Some people are very hesitant about accepting even a gift of ankle warmers. I can see their minds working to formulate a way they can graciously decline without hurting my feelings.

The people with the other point of view really LOVE having something to keep their ankles warm. One friend who received a pair sent a message that she had hardly had the ankle warmers off for three days (of inclement weather). Another friend e-mailed that she wanted to buy two more pairs!

Well, the ankle warmers are for sale, in exchange for a contribution to the Kansas Authors Club District 2 Conference 2010 fund.

And I'll keep knitting and writing. Three or four dozen pairs of ankle warmers, and a 95% finished "cozy" mystery manuscript, not a bad accomplishment for 2008. And I have a design for 2009!

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