Monday, November 3, 2008

My Newest Poem

I sit
and knit.

Lots of ankle warmers. Last month I went to hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who has made an astonishing writing career about knitting. She has written several books about knitting. Not how to knit. Not how-to books with patterns and instructions, but about what sets knitters apart from non-knitters.

I knit. A lot. I knit with a writing pad on my lap. If a stray thought about the book I'm trying to write comes into my head, I hasten to get it down on paper. While waiting for stray thoughts, I knit.

Sadly, I must be getting more knitting than writing done. Why else would I have bushel baskets full of ankle warmers? And I've only gotten to page ten on the novel I'm writing.

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