Friday, April 4, 2014

How I Love My Chameleon Scarf

For starters, every stitch is a knit stitch, the pattern sort of produces itself, and it's so easy even a beginner can do it.(Instructions below in a post entitled "Chameleon Scarf".

The finished scarf has the thickness of a ribbed scarf. Of the two contrasting (or coordinated) colors, each color has a dominating side. The end fringes are one color or the other, not mixed.

The first scarf I made was red and KU blue. I was so pleased with it I made a second scarf with black and grey, an intended present for my attorney. It's subtle, elegant, and not attention-grabbing (well, maybe it is in a discreet sort of way). I hope he will wear it. (I intend to monitor his wardrobe when winter comes.)

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