Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Give-Away Time Again

Come on, admit it.

You hate cold ankles. I have a remedy for that -- cozy anklewarmers. If you choose a dark colored pair, and wear them under the legs of your slacks, no one will know that you are a sissy.

Or, you can go where only the brave dare go. Last winter I had a request for a pair of anklewarmers in the red and gold colors of Pittsburg State University. This college girl wore her ankle warmers on the outside, and everyone knew exactly what her colors were. And you can bet she stood out even more prominently when there was snow on the ground.

If we're at the same Christmas party this year, I'll be there with my "plastic storage-bag", big as a suitcase. No pair of anklewarmers are alike -- all pairs in the same color will be a different size. You could even try them on, if you like.

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