Friday, February 24, 2012

S/he Just Doesn’t Get It

Sometimes people are so dense, so thick-headed, they “just don’t get it”.

I used to see it in small claims court, plaintiffs or defendants, who were totally incapable, and always would be, of understanding their opponent’s point of view. Of course, in most small claims cases, they did not want to understand where the other person was coming from; they had a profound fear that any exposure to the other person’s position would weaken their own.

You feel sorry sometimes for someone who “doesn’t’ get it”, and you wonder what never-going-to-happen circumstance it’s going to take to open their minds to other opinions. There are times when you fault yourself, and believe yourself to be a failure when you cannot find the exact words, or any words, to create a bit of enlightment.

And if you’re truly honest, you’ll wonder if there are times when a friend or acquaintance or associate looks at you in bafflement and wonders why “you don’t get it”?

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