Saturday, August 7, 2010


Still making ankle warmers. I have some that are KU red and blue, some that are purple, even some that are orange (Baker U.).

I did branch out and have completed a lovely triangular shawl in shades of subtle blues and greens -- it will be available at the silent auction at the Kansas Authors Club convention October 1-3 in Lawrence.

Another project will not appear at the silent auction. In fact, I'm thinking of ripping it out and starting anew. It is sort of a shawl, constructed with eight wedges which were enlarged with one random added stitch at each round. About drove me crazy. Couldn't remember whether I had made the extra stitch or not and was always checking back along the needle.

Some gorgeous variegated cherry pink and cream yarn caught my eye, and it's quickly becoming a triangular scarf, which may be in the silent auction, should I finish in time.

That's what's keeping me busy, the "One Free Nation, Many Voices" conference. Check it out.

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