Sunday, May 4, 2008


Don't go around all winter with freezing ankles. You know the feeling -- your toes may be, well, not warm and comfy, at a temperature barly tolerable, but your ankles . . . with only the thin protection of your socks . . . while the frigid winds whip under your pants cuff . . . it's enough to shiver your timbers.

Your ankles need a pair of ankle warmers. Where can you get ankle warmers? I knit mine. Any color I want.

My favorite pair are blue. I dressed hastily one morning. Instead of hiding my ankle warmers under the cuff of my socks, I pulled them up over the legs of my jeans. Thought I looked dumb. Kept my boots under the table. Even in a drafty room, my ankles stayed warm. Was so relaxed, I forgot I was wearing them.

We engaged in friendly conversation when we rose to depart. I was surprised at Marian's question: "Where did you get your legwarmers?"

My reply: "What color do you want?"

Blue is her favorite color as well. I knit two pairs, one pair slightly bigger. Now Marian can be toasty warm, top to bottom. Like me.

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